Bea Crespo

By Sophie Cameron



Published on September 1, 2019

With bold colors and smooth shapes Barcelona-based artist Bea Crespo tells surprising stories through her illustrations. At times quirky and charming (a man frying a sausage in the light of a UFO; another playing the pages of a book like a cello) and at others peaceful and poignant (people standing at balconies or windows, cigarette smoke wafting overhead), her striking creations may seem simplistic at first glance, but quickly invite the viewer to look deeper and find other meanings.

Crespo’s work has recently featured in GQ México, Excelente, and Qantas magazines, plus advertisements for Minty, CIBC Bank and others. Her use of bright shades and contrasting tones makes many of her prints ideal for adding a splash of color to a plain room. Check them out alongside more examples of her work on her website. Selected pieces are also available from Print Workers Barcelona in Gràcia.