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#126 – Sep ‘19
miniguide #126

Kronos Art BCN

After a successful first edition in 2018, Kronos Art BCN returns to honor the concept of time in art (Sep 19–29).

#125 – Jul/Aug ‘19
miniguide #125


The ‘70s marked a turning point for the women’s rights movement, with a new generation of women challenging the status quo through groundbreaking art and actions (Jul 18 – Dec 1)

#124 – Jun ‘19
miniguide #124

Miró – Gaudí – Gomis

Gaudí inspired the minds of thousands of creatives around the world, including Miró himself (Jun 7 – Oct 10).

#123 – May ‘19
miniguide #123

La Nit dels Museus

For one summer night, the museums of Barcelona and its environs open their doors to the public for free until past midnight (May 18).

#122 – Apr ‘19
miniguide #122

World Press Photo

The world’s most important international photo journalism exhibition arrives to one of its first hosting cities – Barcelona – for a fifteenth year (Apr 27 – May 26).

#121 – Mar ‘19
miniguide #121


La Veronal’s Pasionaria, featuring seven dancers and music by Bach, is set in a world populated by human-like robots, where life itself has become artificial and its inhabitants devoid of passion. (Mar 14–17)

#120 – Feb ‘19
miniguide #120

The Advertising Boom

The Design Museum of Barcelona presents a collection of 250 pieces of advertising ephemera from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th (Dec 14 – Mar 31).

#119 – Dec/Jan ‘19
miniguide #119

Velázquez and the Golden Age

CaixaForum has collaborated with the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid to revisit the Golden Age of Spanish art by exhibiting the masterpieces of one of its most celebrated painters (Nov 16 – Mar 3)

#118 – Nov ‘18
miniguide #118

Barcelona Games World

Spain’s highly anticipated gaming conference returns to Barcelona for a third time, with 52,000 m2 dedicated to video games, digital entertainment, exhibitions and entertainment (Nov 29 – Dec 2).

#117 – Oct ‘18
miniguide #117

Stanley Kubrick

A profound itinerary through the imaginary world of one of the most critical thinkers in 20th century cinema… (Oct 23 – Mar 21)

#116 – Sep ‘18
miniguide #116

Contemporary Japanese Realism

MEAM puts on a display of 60 works selected from the depots of the Hoki Museum in Tokyo, an institution dedicated to realist art (Sep 21 – Dec 2).

#115 – Jul/Aug ‘18
miniguide #115

Picasso’s Kitchen

The world’s first exhibition dedicated to Pablo Picasso’s links to gastronomy (May 25 – Sep 30).

#114 – Jun ‘18
miniguide #114

Black Light

The CCCB presents a wide-ranging exhibition encompassing various forms of art inspired by the occult, esoteric religious experiences, Eastern philosophies, magic, mysticism and psychedelia (May 16 – Oct 21).

#113 – May ‘18
miniguide #113

Ciutat Flamenco

Barcelona’s annual festival dedicated to the art and culture of flamenco, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year (May 17–27).

#112 – Apr ‘18
miniguide #112

El Arte de Contar Historias

As Walt Disney himself put it: “I think our films have brought new adult respect for the fairy tale…” (Mar 23 – Jun 24)

#111 – Mar ‘18
miniguide #111


Barcelona’s most important short film festival celebrates its 20th edition with a return to various locations (Mar 15 – Apr 2).

#110 – Feb ‘18
miniguide #110

Núria Guiu: Likes

Núria Guiu questions the presence of the body in an age where much of our social interaction takes place online (Feb 17–18).

#109 – Dec/Jan ‘18
miniguide #109

Warhol: Mechanical Art

Andy Warhol has to be the world’s first true multimedia artist (Sep 14 – Dec 31).

#108 – Nov ‘17
miniguide #108


Choreoscope returns to the city with another exploration of dance through film (Nov 8–12).

#107 – Oct ‘17
miniguide #107

After the End of the World

After two centuries of humanity messing up nature, the damage is irreversible and we are now in the Anthropocene era (Oct 24 – Apr 29).

#106 – Sep ‘17
miniguide #106

Barcelona Gallery Weekend

Expertly curated events take place across 24 of the city’s galleries and multipurpose spaces (Sep 28 – Oct 1).

#105 – Jul/Aug ‘17
miniguide #105

Grec Festival

Barcelona’s biggest performing arts festival has now spread out around the city (Jul 1–31).

#104 – Jun ‘17
miniguide #104

Björk Digital

This ethereal Icelander is the ideal musical icon for a mixed media experiment (Jun 16 – Sep 1).

#103 – May ‘17
miniguide #103

David Bowie Is

The initial exhibit, held at London’s V&A Museum in 2013, was one of the most popular ever held there (May 25 – Sep 25).

#102 – Apr ‘17
miniguide #102

TAPAS. Spanish Design for Food

Chefs, designers, architects, wineries and restaurants reflect on Spain’s blending of design and food (Mar 9 – May 21).

#101 – Mar ‘17
miniguide #101

Virtual Playground

Barcelona’s first virtual reality arcade.

#100 – Feb ‘17
miniguide #100


The collective exhibition showcases works by sixteen of 3 Punt’s most representative artists. (Dec 22 – Feb 25).

#99 – Dec/Jan ‘17
miniguide #99


The new pop-up club from the Piknic/Brunch stable… (Dec 7 & 18).

#98 – Nov ‘16
miniguide #98


Barcelona’s arthouse film festival par excellence raises smart questions and discusses trends in cinema and society (Nov 11–20).

#97 – Oct ‘16
miniguide #97

Bar But

| Market-fresh Mediterranean food is their game, but Asian influences assert themselves too.

#96 – Sep ‘16
miniguide #96

Fancy Cocó

The three founders curate the revolving collection at this trendy clothing exchange.

#95 – Jul/Aug ‘16
miniguide #95

La Veintinueve

A ‘30s and ‘40s-inspired collection of wedges, slingbacks, sandals and pumps…

#94 – Jun ‘16
miniguide #94


This curated design project brings together “made in Barcelona” design (Jun 11).

#93 – May ‘16
miniguide #93

Punk: Its Traces in Contemporary Art

Not just in music, but across many forms of art, punk lives on… (May 12 – Sep 25)

#92 – Apr ‘16
miniguide #92


This Naparbier-backed brewery cements Beerxample’s reputation.

#91 – Mar ‘16
miniguide #91

The Art of the Brick

The touring exhibition arrives in Barcelona with more than a million LEGO bricks (Mar 17 – Jun 12).

#90 – Feb ‘16
miniguide #90


The music festival is a postmodern mix of visual and audio styles (Feb 19–21).

#89 – Dec/Jan ‘16
miniguide #89

King Lear

Awarded the 2015 Ceres Prize for Best Show, Shakespeare’s famous tragedy returns for a second year (Dec 17 – Jan 31).

#88 – Nov ‘15
miniguide #88


Museu del Disseny’s exhibition explores distinction through a century of fashion photography (Nov 26 – Mar 27).

#87 – Oct ‘15
miniguide #87

48H Open House BCN

This architecture festival invites us to look beyond the façade of Barcelona’s buildings… (Oct 24–25).

#86 – Sep ‘15
miniguide #86

I guess if the stage exploded…

Sylvia Rimat’s piece is intended to remain etched on the memory of each attendee – forever (Sep 25–26).

#85 – Jul/Aug ‘15
miniguide #85


One of the highlights of Barcelona’s festival season (Jul 10–12).

#84 – Jun ‘15
miniguide #84

Off Sónar

Alongside the rise of Sónar, another phenomenon has had equal success (Jun 17–20).

#83 – May ‘15
miniguide #83


Hiroshima revitalizes Poble Sec with a trifecta of spaces intersecting dance, theater, music and more.

#82 – Apr ‘15
miniguide #82

Monkey Town

Food, art and performance come together in the sensory experience of the season (Apr 16 – Jun 7).

#81 – Mar ‘15
miniguide #81

Forest to Vase

In 1979, the documentary The Secret Life of Plants changed people’s perspective on the flora around us.

#80 – Feb ‘15
miniguide #80


The calçotada is a time for family and friends to gather together and to share food, stories and laughter.

#79 – Dec/Jan ‘15
miniguide #79

All Those

Santi and Viqui have handpicked a selection of Barcelona’s finest gastro artisans (Dec 20).

#78 – Nov ‘14
miniguide #78


| Nyamnyam uses food as a catalyst to open conversation among locals.

#77 – Oct ‘14
miniguide #77

Yök Casa + Cultura

Newly eco-renovated space Yök shines with a more responsible approach to urban living…

#76 – Sep ‘14
miniguide #76

International Roller Dance Jam

BCN Roller Dance is hosting the International Roller Dance Jam over La Mercè weekend (Sep 19–21).

#75 – Jul/Aug ‘14
miniguide #75

Festiu Fringe

Barcelona has just acquired its very own Fringe (Jul 6–27).

#74 – Jun ‘14
miniguide #74

Offside Festival

It is with a warm welcome that we can announce the debut of a brand new alt-football film festival (Jun 6–8).

#73 – May ‘14
miniguide #73

Dogs & The City

Barcelona is taking small yet steady steps in becoming as dog friendly as other forward-thinking European capitals.

#72 – Apr ‘14
miniguide #72

Circus Today

Circus Today is a showcase of Europe’s best contemporary circus taking place at Mercat de les Flors throughout April.

#71 – Mar ‘14
miniguide #71

Brunch Electronik

Mass brunch has yet to be attempted. Enter Brunch Electronik... (Mar 16, Apr 20 & May 18).

#70 – Feb ‘14
miniguide #70

Give Me Head

The world’s third most-popular drink after water and tea, this beverage has been in exis­tence for over ten thousand years.

#69 – Dec/Jan ‘14
miniguide #69


Technology is progressing faster than anyone could have predicted, but there has arguably been no better time for handmade crafts (Dec 14–15).

#68 – Nov ‘13
miniguide #68

Collaborative Consumption

The beauty of the collaborative consumption business model is the mutually beneficial situation that it offers up.

#67 – Oct ‘13
miniguide #67

Shop Differently

We purchase too much and spend hundreds of euros enriching brands that are doing little to support the communities creating their empires.

#66 – Sep ‘13
miniguide #66

Flashpacker’s Dream

Small on budget but big on style. Backpackers coming to Barcelona shouldn‘t have any trouble finding this here.

#65 – Jul/Aug ‘13
miniguide #65

Piknic Electronik

The ambitious mission of Piknic’s creators is to offer up a world-standard elec­tronic music party that could be an experience for the whole family (Jun 2 – Sep 22).

#64 – Jun ‘13
miniguide #64

Mini Maker Faire

The Mini Maker Faire in Barcelona is the first time the reclusive brainiacs as well as those who dabble will be brought together in one place (Jun 29).

#63 – May ‘13
miniguide #63

Primavera Sound is a Rose

The story of Primavera Sound is like a rose. A rose with thorns. (May 22–26)

#62 – Apr ‘13
miniguide #62

The Natural Way

The simplest definition of a natural wine is one that is made with minimal chemical or technological intervention.

#61 – Mar ‘13
miniguide #61

Rescued Tiles

The revolution consisted in this: a new technique and cement which allowed for mass-producing floor tiles without an oven to harden them.

#60 – Feb ‘13
miniguide #60

Yarn as Art & Business

Knitting and crocheting are becoming hotter than ever, with young professionals creating and selling their products online or in jam-packed craft fairs.

#59 – Dec/Jan ‘13
miniguide #59

Sagrada Familia

This is the tale of a blue-eyed man with a thousand-yard stare, who scuttled around Barcelona with a collection tin to complete a dream. A dream that, 130 years later, remains unfinished.

#58 – Nov ‘12
miniguide #58


A day’s festival of electronic music and visuals, celebrating its sophomore edition this month at Barcelona’s newest contemporary art space (Nov 10, doors 3:30pm).

#57 – Oct ‘12
miniguide #57

Las Calles Hablan

The work of eight street artists is shown through photography, painting and a specially commissioned documentary (Oct 25 – Nov 8).

#56 – Sep ‘12
miniguide #56

Poblenou Rising

The former industrial district is flourishing as a hub of creativity and innovation (Tallers Oberts de Poblenou, Sep 14-16).

#55 – Jul/Aug ‘12
miniguide #55

On a Roll

It has been identified as a type of third-wave feminist empowerment, a creative post-modern take on a formula produced by vintage Americana. This is Roller Derby.

#54 – Jun ‘12
miniguide #54


Next year Sónar will celebrate its 20th birthday. A look at the first ever line-up back in 1993 – Miss Kittin, Laurent Garnier, Sven Vath – reveals a group of artists who are as relevant today as they were 20 years ago.

#53 – May ‘12
miniguide #53


While Madrid gets its share of celebrity sightings at ARCO and Miami’s Art Basel has become a three-ring circus of sex, drugs and masterpieces, Swab has become the cool cousin with sun-kissed skin vying for its place on the art circuit.

#52 – Apr ‘12
miniguide #52

Coworking Spaces

“This isn’t for me,” we vow, Huck Finn-style, with regards to so-called conventional, monotonous 9-to-5 life.

#51 – Mar ‘12
miniguide #51

Filmoteca de Catalunya

It’s taken a decade of planning, but the Filmoteca de Catalunya has finally moved into its brand-new headquarters.

#50 – Feb ‘12
miniguide #50


The sad truth is that Barcelona is a rather miserable place to be right now.

#49 – Dec/Jan ‘11
miniguide #49


We spoke with Diane Pernet, creator of A Shaded View on Fashion Film festival.

#48 – November ‘11
miniguide #48


AIRAM, the Asociación Independiente Recreativa de Autocultivo y Medicinal, describe themselves as "the medical alternative."

#47 October ‘11
miniguide #47

Beefeater In-Edit

We spoke with festival director Christian on Beefeater In-Edit’s meteoric trajectory.

#46 September ‘11
miniguide #46


This second hand flea market’s ethos is based on "the three Rs": recycle, reuse and reduce.

#45 Jul/Aug ‘11
miniguide #45

Rooftop Terraces

It’s official: summer has landed and the rooftop lifestyle can begin.

#44 June ‘11
miniguide #44

Pride Barcelona

Having firmly established itself as one of Europe’s biggest and brightest LGBT festivals, Pride Barcelona returns this month.

#43 May ‘11
miniguide #43

Presenting Poble Sec

Poble Sec is less like Raval’s "little sister neighborhood" and more like a fun eccentric uncle who returned to town to shake things up a bit.

#42 Apr ‘11
miniguide #42

Nouveau Clown

So you thought that clowns were all about kids’ parties, red noses and a certain multinational burger chain of questionable morals? Think again.

#41 Mar ‘11
miniguide #41

Sitges Carnaval

If you’re planning on hitting this fiesta there’s a few things you should know.

#40 Feb ‘11
miniguide #40

The New Face of Disco

A new music scene has slowly but surely crept up on Barcelona’s hungry party people…

#39 Dec/Jan ‘10/‘11
miniguide #39

Cupcake Love Affair

Cupcake-mania, like most cultural phenomena, has taken a little while to hit Barcelona ... but there’s no mistaking its arrival…

#38 Nov ‘10
miniguide #38

Lilliput Festival

A month of interdisciplinary art performances breathes new life into the city’s historical hallway kiosks.

#37 Oct ‘10
miniguide #37

Urban Toy Story

Designer toy fun for fanatics, collectors and those with their inner child still intact.

#36 Aug/Sep ‘10
miniguide #36

Fashionable Fast Food

We talk about something nearly everyone craves – good fast food – where you can find it, the people behind it and the kinds of crowds these places attracts.

#35 Jun/Jul ‘10
miniguide #35

Hidden Agenda

We tell you about individuals investigating theories on small but powerful groups working toward world domination.

#34 Apr/May ‘10
miniguide #34

To Each Their Own

We decided to let a bit of fresh air on the slightly taboo topic of gay cruising, where it’s happening, and what to watch out for.

#33 – Feb/Mar ‘10
miniguide #33


Spring is coming, grab your bike, but if you want to be cool make sure it’s a fixed-gear; that’s right, no gear shift, no handle brakes, just you, the bike, and the world.

#32 Dec/Jan ‘09/‘10
miniguide #32

8-bit Power

Our editor unwittingly attended a Meneo concert, and then delved into the retro-futuristic 8-bit world of music and art...

#31 Oct/Nov ‘09
miniguide #31


After receiving an email from an online eco-shop and then seeing news about solar paneling in cemeteries and other wild eco-moves, we decided to jump headfirst into the green movement.

#30 Aug/Sep ‘09
miniguide #30

Great Power, Great Responsibility

As BCN looks for its hero nail polish turns turquoise, a hip-hop festival breaks free and umbrellas double up as Samurai swords.

#29 Jun/Jul ‘09
miniguide #29

Still Art?

Statues with life, naked swimming, jeans that give back, summer drink spots, peace in the park and 3D porn, this summer is gonna be a hot one.

#28 Apr/May ‘09
miniguide #28

The Big Tease

Burlesque beauties, Nasty Mondays, straight-friendly locations and hair trends for below the belt, this is going to be one hell of a season.

#27 Feb/Mar ‘09
miniguide #27

Breaking Ground

Space hotels, metallic Converse, sinks with style, and modern day group love ... now this is one big step for mankind!

#26 - Dec/Jan ‘08/‘09
miniguide #26

Looks Ahead

The clubs you want to be in, city style in a stylish city, cool music, dream art, the perfect French bistro, and gifts that keep on giving.

#25 Oct/Nov ‘08
miniguide #25

Living Artists

Core Culture, Obama mania, festival info, film reviews, steampunking, Kosmopolis, euro-trashion, and delicious sushi.

#24 - Aug/Sep ‘08
miniguide #24

Future Afflictions

Techno Troubles, festival info, film reviews, eco-fashion, popular Asian art, and delicious wine.

#23 Jun/Jul ‘08
miniguide #23

Exercising Rights

EuroGames ‘08 - a very Spanish transition, festival info, book recommendations, tap dance, fashionable hats, and sandals.

#22 Apr/May ‘08
miniguide #22

The Final Drop

H2(N)O - running out of water, LOOP 2008 video art, fashion on Montseny, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, stylish iTaser, apartment-restaurant Kokun.

#21 Feb/Mar ‘08
miniguide #21

Curtain Calling?

Barcelona’s "fringe" theaters, Oscar ceremony & US writers‘ strike, Vegetable Orchestra, sticky sensations, a new way of surfing.

#20 Dec/Jan ‘07/‘08
miniguide #20

Fashion Futures

Firing-Up Foundation Fashion, Japanese jazz, caganers, Groovin‘ Barcelona, Primavera Club, Filmoteca interview, Drap-Art.

#19 Oct/Nov ‘07
miniguide #19

Leap of Faith

The Art of Displacement (on parkour), Sitges Film Festival, In-Edit Festival, Barcelona Jazz Festival, Break Da Rules, Art Futura, organic gears, Viktor & Rolf.

#18 Aug/Sep ‘07
miniguide #18

The Last Reservation

Mediterranean at stake (feat. interviews with Josep Enric Llebot, Sergio Rossi and Ferran Adrià), Tomatina, Indoor Karting, Gracia Arts Project, music festival reviews.

#17 Jun/Jul ‘07
miniguide #17

Hot City Vibes

Summer festivals, Sónar and "off" Sónar parties, Catalan dubbing politics, Balinese massage, environment friendly sex, booze perfumes, urban art forms.

#16 Apr/May ‘07
miniguide #16

Moto City

Scooter culture, live music bars, Woody Allen’s Barcelona film, Primavera Sound, Barcelona Asian Film Fest, LOOP videoart, Primavera Sound.

#15 Feb/Mar ‘07
miniguide #15

The World is Waiting

US migrants in Barcelona, bourgeois squatters, art events, fashion spotlight on Penélope Cruz, luxurexia victims, sneakers for the poor.

#14 Dec/Jan ‘06/‘07
miniguide #14

Down and Out

Helping the homeless, music festivals, Barcelona-only Bread & Butter, Barcelona love hotel, art exhibitions, movies, concerts.

#13 Oct/Nov ‘06
miniguide #13

The Pay Off

Financial slavery , Barcelona’s ’speed culture‘, Pichiglas interior design, the city’s jazz history.

#12 Aug/Sep ‘06
miniguide #12

Noise Wars

Disturbance of the Peace, attack of the jellyfish, human beatbox Beatmaster G, ‘Festa de Gràcia‘, Eidur Gudjohnson, Actors Workshop.

#11 Jun/Jul ‘06
miniguide #11

Singled Out

Singles, Babyshambles‘ Pete Doherty, long life of Spaniards, banned smoking on beaches, summer festivals, sneaky snipers.

#10 Apr/May ‘06
miniguide #10

Good Night, Siesta

Changing Spanish work schedules, Penélope Cruz‘ latest movies, Barbie & Ken urban legends, Bluetooth bonnets, dishes on vinyl, BCN Sensations.

#9 Winter ‘05/‘06
miniguide #9

Machine Gun Reforms

Stories about a new law in town, Lenny Kravitz in Barcelona, Bread & Butter, toys for the girls, Sushi Sensation, the Lord of the Boards.

#8 Autumn ‘05
miniguide #8

Doors Wide Shut

Stories about dress codes, cheeky monkeys, FC Barcelona, Pulgas Mercadillo Mix, Raval Shopping Revival, urban eyewear.

#7 Summer ‘05
miniguide #7

Scene and not Herd

Stories about Dog-Collar Rocker, Bread & Butter arrives in Barcelona, Real Sex in the city, Solar Stadium of light, Moonlight flicks.

#6 Spring ‘05
miniguide #6

High Fidelity

Stories about fashion victims, Air Heads, Courting Royal Disaster, Communication Solutions, Imitation of life, being reborn again.

#5 Winter ‘04/‘05
miniguide #5

Flying Tonight!

Stories about Foreign Invasion: A Culinary Hot Potato, Princesa 23, the real thing: Catalan cola, mind play pays dividends.

#4 Autumn ‘04
miniguide #4

Lust for Life Barcelona

Stories about Enric Granados: Urban Oasis feed your need for Calm, Night & Day Top Locations, Shopping Paradise.

#3 Summer ‘04
miniguide #3

Bladerunners Hit the Streets

Stories about Rollerblading in Barcelona, Night & Day Top Locations, Shopping Paradise.

#2 Spring ‘04
miniguide #2

A Monster Night in the Mercé

Stories about Maria – a stranger in the night, Fòrum 2004 Top Tips, Parks: Urban Paradises.

#1 Winter ‘03/‘04
miniguide #1

What Are You Looking At?

Stories about Maria’s retrotrip, Indulgence – just like in Hollywood, Hip Hop in the Monastery, Hangover-curing breakfasts.