Best Lube?

By Marta Molas



Published on September 1, 2018

When it comes to lube, are you more concerned with flavors, effects or rather finding something eco-friendly?

Let’s look at some myths surrounding lubricants to help you find the best one. The first myth to bust: most lubricants are unisex, with only branding saying otherwise. Such is the case for RelaxXXX Anal Spray, which comes in “masculine” and “feminine” versions with only the scent changed. Pjur Woman Nude is made for sensitive skin, but is perfectly suitable for men. What about “natural” lubes? Careful with that term, as in our industralized society, it doesn’t mean much. For an environmentally friendly product, look for an organic seal on the packaging. So which lubes are the best? Aquaglide and Toko have great reputations, while Shunga Organica and BIOglide stand out from the eco-friendly brands. If you’re into km0, Nuei is our Spanish brand of choice.

And don’t forget to try our own brand, Desliz, available in amantis.