Eating Well, Speaking Well

By Alena Kh



Published on May 1, 2018

We live in the age of freedom of speech – more or less.

We’re lucky: we can say whatever we want, whenever we want, wherever we want, and for any reason we fancy. But being able to speak isn’t the same as having to say something. Social media has turned into a sort of competition: opening your mouth and letting loose is more important than any possible consequences. Social media is full of good things, such as information on food or literature, but it’s also teeming with opinions of people we don’t care about. Their words, at times painful and unfair, influence the lives of many. And not always in the best way. And yes, it’s great that you read more now, or you’re eating better. But if you’re worried about what’s going into your mouth, think about what’s coming out of it, too.

The next time you have an opinion about something, remember that you might not really need to share it – especially if your words aren’t as “healthy” as your food.