Published on March 1, 2018

Relationships should be easy. Simple. Clear. Serene. Since when is it a bad thing if a relationship makes you feel comfortable? What is this obession with saying that comfort ends up killing us? That we need to be stressed to feel alive.

Imagine that you have a dinner tonight and you’re going to buy yourself a perfect pair of jeans). The jeans. You try them on; you can hardly move. But you look great. You keep them. You go to a fancy restaurant. 15 minutes pass. Just 15 minutes and already you can’t breathe. You smile from time to time. You drink a bit of wine and try to eat what’s on your plate. But the jeans are too tight. It’s a special night, but you just want it to be over. Jeans like that looks great for social media. A night like that makes a good story to tell other people.

Maybe, with a bit of luck, you’ll even be left with a few nice memories (which are now based on your Instagram anyway). But you’ll get home, take