The Painting

By Alena Kh



Published on September 1, 2019

At what point in our lives did we start believing we always have to be fighting – all the time and against everything that comes our way?

For some time now we’ve been waging this constant battle without really being at war. It makes it so we never adjust to anything, insisting things go the way we want. People say, “you can change your life whenever you want” and so there we are, paddling against the current until we’re exhausted and die of fatigue.

What if where the current was taking us was just fine? A while ago I found a good metaphor in a book: “When you see a painting in a museum you don’t like, you don’t demand that it be removed from the exhibition, right? You just leave and don’t look at it anymore.” It’s as simple as that. Maybe we should relax a little and fight only for what’s really worth it: making the world a better place for everyone, for example.