48H Open House 2023

By Charlotte Stace



Published on October 1, 2023

Back for a new edition, the 48H Open House BCN architecture festival invites us to look beyond Barcelona’s fascinating façades and explore some of the city’s hidden architectural jewels, we otherwise wouldn’t notice.

During the penultimate weekend of October, over 200 of the city’s buildings will open their doors to the public, permitting locals and tourists alike to explore lesser known buildings. The event offers a diverse program of tours and a unique opportunity to learn more about the city’s rich architectural history from professional volunteers. Covering Barcelona’s ten districts, a wide range of activities encourages dialogue between visitors and citizens to improve understanding of architecture and public space.

So, if you’d like to explore buildings such as Casa Marsans, Casa Seat, Casa Leon Morera, Bernardi Hub, Taller Masriera, Palau Macaya, and many more off the beaten track, then get your tickets today.

October 21, 2023 – October 22, 2023
Opening hours
09:00 – 22:00
09:00 – 22:00