Ana Tijoux

By Charlotte Stace



Published on February 1, 2024

Chilean musician Ana Tijoux comes to Sala Apolo. One of the biggest names in Latin American hip hop currently, she’s had quite the career. She became famous as the MC of hip hop band Makiza during the late 1990s, before going solo. Not only has she secured herself a Latin Grammy Award - and also been nominated several times - she’s succeeded in crossing borders and gaining recognition now worldwide.

The Chilean rapper released her debut album 1977 way back in 2010 before going on to release Vengo in 2014. Following that, she’s taken the time to collaborate with other artists and tour the world. Now she’s back with the sensational Vida released at the start of this year. An activist and feminist, she stands out for her poetic lyrics and groundbreaking melodies.

Tickets cost 25 Euros. Doors open at 8pm.

March 9, 2024
Opening hours
20:00 – 23:00