Circuit Festival 2023

By Charlotte Stace



Published on August 1, 2023

Barcelona needs little cajoling when it comes to the prospect of a sun-filled festival, and this August will prove no exception as the Circuit Festival turns the city into one giant par-tay. One of the biggest LGBTQ events ever to be staged will see 70,000 people from 70 countries descend on Barcelona for a program of cultural activity and serious nocturnal action.

Beach parties, a massive water park event (taking place on August 8th), and a raft of activities by day are replaced by the dancefloor as the sun goes down, with two dozen parties at the city’s top venues. There’ll be music from the likes of Enrico Meloni, GSP, Flavio Zarza, Lydia Sanz, Ivan Gomez, Nacho Chapado, Moussa, and Pagano.

With not just parties but also activities, tours, and workshops, Circuit Festival transforms Barcelona into one of the world’s undisputed LGBTQ summer destinations.

August 5, 2023 – August 13, 2023
Opening hours
23:00 – 06:00
10:00 – 22:00
23:00 – 06:00
16:00 – 06:00
23:00 – 06:00
22:00 – 06:00
22:00 – 06:00