Dylan Moran

By Natasha Drewnicki



Published on December 1, 2015

Though he’d hate to admit it, Irish-born Dylan Moran is one of the British Isles’ best-loved comedians. Back in 1996 at just 24 years old, he was the youngest-ever winner of the Perrier Comedy Award.

Soon after he became Bernard Black in the acclaimed television show, Black Books – a foul-tempered, reclusive bookshop owner who preferred wine, cigarettes and books to other human beings. On stage, his lyrical ramblings poke about in the darkest reaches of our psyche, offering up high-octane morsels of surreal humor with spectacular timing. Moran isn’t a man at home with modernity, this century or last, which is why his shows are often named in the baffling language of youth culture.

This Friday he joins Barcelona Comedy Festival with Off the Hook at Apolo, his first worldwide tour since Yeah, Yeah in 2011. In his own words, “If I hadn't done this I might have ended up digging the roads.”

December 4, 2015
Opening hours
20:30 – 23:00