Female Ejaculation

By Sophie Cameron



Published on May 1, 2016

Do you know how to find and stimulate your G-spot? How about what squirting is? Female ejaculation is still something of an enigma, so it’s no wonder it evokes lots of questions. Those looking for answers will find them at amantis’ Female Ejaculation Workshop led by sex coach Anahi Canela on May 15th.

Held in Spanish, the workshop will be divided into two sections. The first is theoretical, where the coach will clear up any doubts participants might have about female ejaculation. There then follows a practical session, including a squirting demonstration. Those who are willing will also be given help to find their G-spot and can practice squirting techniques as a way of learning to recognize and correct typical mistakes, all while ensuring participants’ hygiene and privacy.

Anahi will be giving a workshop on anal pleasure the same day; book both for a discount and make the most of her expertise. (RSVP required: tel. +34 93 501 06 41 or email [email protected].)

May 15, 2016
Opening hours
11:30 – 15:00