Honey Dijon

By Aimee Lawrence



Published on November 1, 2019

Sónar Festival was the last time clubbers were given a good dousing from Honey Dijon, and a little over four months isn’t long to wait for an authentic artist such as Dijon. She’s completely and utterly passionate about DJing, utilizing it as a vehicle to get a rise from clubbers and she never fails in her mission to titillate.

Growing up in the peak of Chicago’s house scene, heading to clubs from the impressionable age of 12 to hear legends like Frankie Knuckles and Derrick Carter mixing records before she’d soon befriend them, moving to Manhattan at the apex of the pre-Giuliani nightlife explosion, scored music for a fashion movie, blasted through a DJ set in a hot air balloon, written about nightlife, given talks on club culture, become a transgender spokesperson and played at just about everywhere imaginable.

Honey Dijon is a veteran and one you can absolutely trust. (Doors open at 12:30am)

November 22, 2019
Opening hours
23:59 – 05:30