Introduction to Tantra

By Marta Molas



Published on May 1, 2019

Spice up your relationship and explore your spirituality at this workshop on Sunday, May 12th led by Àurea Poch, an entrepreneur trained as a pharmacist and cofounder at Adas Àurea, an association that helps couples connect through Tantra meditation, fantasy and play.

At the event, couples will build their connection and establish balance between their inner masculine (yang) and feminine (yin) energies through breathing exercises, touch and the focus of their attention. Participants will take part in guided meditation and visualizations mixing tenderness and passion. The activities are all informed by the sacred tradition and philosophy of Tantra, which can help us open our hearts and enhance our sexual energy. 

Unlike some other forms of spirituality, Tantra takes into account sexuality and physical pleasure as a means for improving personal growth and relationships, with the ultimate aim of understanding the meaning of life

(RSVP required, email [email protected] or call +34 93 501 06 41. The event will be conducted in Spanish.)

May 12, 2019
Opening hours
17:00 – 20:00