Kween Cortés

By Charlotte Stace



Published on August 1, 2021

Jamboree is excited to welcome performer Kween Cortés to the stage this coming Thursday 5th August! The hip-hopper brings her authentic and defiant live performance - and with a style that combines old school hip-hop with the new sounds of trap and reggaeton.

After performing in Barcelona for many years, Kween Cortés now presents her debut album as an artist. She will be performing music from ‘Alma Rota’ (Broken soul) (2021) as well as some of her classic songs to get the crowd jumping.

Born in Barcelona, Cortés is a queen without aristocratic pomp, a woman who sings to life without artifice or half measures, just as she is. “My stage name has very little self-centeredness,” she says, “and a lot of a broken woman trying to be the queen of her own existence.”

August 5, 2021
Opening hours
22:30 – 23:59