Naguisa Opening Market

By Poppy Beale-Collins


Bemol from Siloli collection


Published on July 1, 2016

Contemporary design always seems the freshest when the originality of the maker’s own story is anchored by some technical thread back to the past; the curve of a chair, the cut of a coat, or the sole of a shoe. Barcelona footwear label Naguisa uses the ancestral Spanish espadrille and all of its folklore as a departure point for its own crisply dapper look.

An appealing hook between the pastoral roots of Spain – the outlines of its disparate landscapes, its heritage of craftsmanship – and international design nowness runs through the Naguisa brand. Pablo Izquierdo and Claudia Pérez Polo cofounded the label in 2012 and set up their workshop in a converted farm just outside the city. Respectively an architect and product designer by trade, the pair, with the help of some rigorous training in Catalan espadrille artisanship, bring a dimensional, conceptual element rarely found in shoe design, let alone the classic rope jute sole.

Storytelling drives the Naguisa message: Izquierdo and Pérez Polo believe in customers who “know the who, what, where and how of the production and crafting processes; our objective is to export our trademark Made in Spain stamp.” Naguisa’s rich earthy palettes, organic imagery and sturdy ancient materials are sculpted and smoothed to reconstruct emerging shoe trends such as lace-up brogues, thick heels, cut-outs and flatforms – proving again that, in the right hands, from tradition grows innovation.

Join them on July 23rd as they inaugurate their new studio in Sant Just Desvern with a market featuring discounts on their new collection Siloli (inspired in the Bolivian desert) as well as food and drink.

July 23, 2016
Opening hours
12:00 – 20:00