Ruta nocturna

By Charlotte Stace



Published on March 1, 2023

Barcelona's Ciutat Vella is full of alleys, squares, passages and other public spaces teeming with stories and curiosities. Some of them hide surprising and strange names that take us back in time and remind us of unusual curiosities about our city that often go unnoticed.

Why is there a street dedicated to a thief? Was Calle del Petons (kisses in Catalan) really a romantic place? What was the ‘Malcuinat’? The Ruta Nocturna tour aims to answer some of these questions. The tour, organised by David, a professional guide with an academic background in history, will take attendees on a route through the small, winding streets of the Ciutat Vella. It’ll introduce you to curious characters, recall legends and revive some ancient customs. 

To soak up the full magic of these neighbourhoods, the tour is held just after nightfall, when the old lanterns light up the streets.