Sean Johnson b2b Vladimir IVkovic

By Kit Macdonald



Published on January 1, 2024

Normally when Lena Willikens and her fellow Salon des Amateurs alumnus Vladimir Ivkovic are in the same city on the same weekend it's because they're sharing a stage: Willikens and Ivkovic are together one of the world's most enduring and excellent b2b partnerships. 

This weekend, however, a day after Willikens plays Golpe de Amistad at Sala Upload, the Serbian will take to the decks at Nitsa for a b2b with Sean Johnston, who co-founded the A Love From Outer Space party along with the late, much loved and much missed Andrew Weatherall. Johnston has carried the torch on since Weatherall's untimely death, and has stuck fastidiously to the party's guiding principle: "Never knowingly exceed 122 beats per minute". 

100 Psychedelic Aural Explorer Points to anyone who manages to complete the Willikens/Johnston doubler on Friday and Saturday.

January 27, 2024
Opening hours
23:59 – 06:00