Sex Writing Workshop

By Marta Molas



Published on February 1, 2017

Barcelona is the ideal setting for writing about sex, or for writing to have sex. Our publishing houses boast Nobel Prize-worthy erotic books. That’s no exaggeration: La Sonrisa Vertical, a collection from Tusquets Editores, includes works by renowned authors and literary award winners like Mario Vargas Llosa. Other names in the series need no introduction, such as the Marquis de Sade or, on a more local scale, Andreu Martín.

But the most prolific were well-known authors who wrote anonymously or under pseudonyms. To all those, thank you for the works – but a slap on the wrist for shying away from a genre that should be far more respected. Editorial Planeta has published many such works; at amantis we stock both classic and modern erotic literature. And those who want to write their own erotic stories can sign up for our Erotic Writing Workshop with Maranta Rubiera on February 12th.

Advanced booking is required: contact amantis Gràcia by phone (93 501 06 41) or email ([email protected]) to reserve your place. (The workshop will be conducted in Spanish.)

February 12, 2017
Opening hours
17:30 – 20:00