By Mark Dix


Dionisio González (Richard Gallery)


Published on September 1, 2017

The premier art convention in Barcelona this year celebrates a decade of events, with an ambitious program bringing together galleries from around the world to showcase precocious creators in front of a considerable audience. Over 20,000 visitors are expected to visit the fair, which is installed in one of the enormous hangar-like halls at Plaça Espanya.

Founded by private collector Joaquín Díez-Cascón, the fair stays true to its aims of challenging the elitism associated with fine art, inviting both collectors and casual observers to absorb new forms of communication, performances, lectures, debates and discussions. More than 80 galleries from five continents are represented: this year’s selection committee includes Harold Berg of the Whitney Museum of American Art, Susanne Birbragher from Latin American art publication ArtNexus and video art collector Alfredo Hertzog.

Passes are reasonably priced for such exhibitions, and kids can visit for free.

September 28, 2017 – October 1, 2017
Opening hours
17:00 – 20:00
16:00 – 21:00
12:00 – 21:00
12:00 – 20:00