The AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival 2021

By Charlotte Stace


Published on October 1, 2021

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly becoming the digital backbone to our lives; having an impact across every facet of entertainment, culture and communication. 

The AI and Music S+T+ARTS Festival will explore the role of these new technologies in our lives by taking music as an example. Artificial intelligence put to use by the imaginations of artists and musicians is prompting unprecedented creativity and innovation in sound creation and music performance, both in the digital and physical world. Performances of selected projects will be showcased at the festival which will take place in Barcelona 27th and 28th October.

Taking on a number of different formats, both digital and in person, in order to represent a broad range of approaches towards the connections between AI and music, the festival will feature live streamed panels and keynotes, pre-recorded shows and online workshops. The programme and ticket sales can be found online at the event website.

October 27, 2021 – October 28, 2021
Opening hours
12:00 – 23:59
12:00 – 23:59