By Sam Walker-Smart

whitney houston


Published on July 1, 2018

We’ve seen a tangible rise in quality when it comes to music documentaries in recent years. From the Academy Award-winning Searching for Sugar Man to the real-life Spinal Tap elements seen within Metallica’s Some Kind of Monster, the music-doc has now become a far more respected medium.

Following on from his fantastic portrait of reggae icon Bob Marley, Scottish director Kevin Macdonald has now turned his sights to the ultimately tragic life of Whitney Houston, arguably the finest soul voice of the late-20th century. Macdonald’s latest delves deep into what made the star so important to so many.

Featuring interviews with those who knew her best, including her mother and brother, the film explores not only Houston’s amazing achievements but also takes a candid and sobering look into what drove her ambition and eventual downfall. It is a unique portrait of a unique talent.

(Shown in English with Spanish subtitles.)

July 6, 2018 – August 23, 2018
Opening hours
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