Willie Nile

By Charlotte Stace



Published on March 1, 2024

American singer and songwriter Willie Nile comes to perform live for fans at Sala La Nau. In 1980, the musician released his self-titled debut album. It produced hits that have been immortalised into our collective memory for decades to come: “Vagabond Moon”, “It's All Over”, “Across the River” or “She's So Cold”.

Following this, Nile joined The Who's 1980 summer tour before releasing his second album Golden Down (1981). Just as his career was taking off, he found himself involved with a series of legal problems which curtailed his career for a number of years. Although he continued to write music, it wasn’t until the early 1990s that he remerged.

After enjoying continued success, he had somewhat of a renaissance in the early 2000s with chart-topping albums such as Streets of New York (2006), House of a Thousand Guitars (2009), and If I was a River (2014). Now he’s back with a brand new world tour. Get your tickets now.

March 24, 2024
Opening hours
21:00 – 23:00