Xcèntric: 15th Season

By Sophie Cameron


Thom Andersen: The Thoughts That Once We Had


Published on January 1, 2016

While mainstream movies may be slave to box office sales and prestigious award nominations, there is a branch of cinema that exists happily on the fringe, unrestrained by commercial demands.

Returning this year to the CCCB for its 15th annual edition, Xcèntric showcases the best of this lesser-explored region of the film world, offering the public challenging, radical works that break with tradition and manipulate the common language of the screen.

Jan 14 – Opening of the 15th season. Étienne-Jules Marey
Jan 17 – Confessional films. Joe Gibbons
Jan 21 – Barry Gerson. Light sculptures
Jan 24 – Intimate and collective. Jocelyne Saab
Jan 28 – Cinema was happy when it lit up its ghosts. The films of Ernie Gehr
Feb 4 – The voluptuousness of the regard. James Herbert
Feb 7 – Of the art portrait. A meeting of filmmakers: Pascale Bodet and Boris Lehman
Feb 11 – Robert Beavers. The hand outstretched
Feb 14 – Cábala Caníbal, by Daniel Villamediana
Feb 18 – Noise and soundscape in structural film
Feb 21 – Reductions of memory, pigments of life. Rolls: 1971, by Robert Huot
Feb 28 – Spaces between the images. The films of Daïchi Saïto
Mar 17 – Patterns in a Chromatic Field. Hannes Schüpbach
Mar 18 – The Beauty of My Island. The World of Klaus Lutz
Mar 20 – La fórmula secreta or Coca-Cola en la sangre
Mar 27 – Häxan. Witchcraft through the Ages
Mar 31 – Observations
Apr 3 – Much more than home movies. The cinema of Marjorie Keller
Apr 7 – The Enigma of the Photographic
Apr 14 – Music of new images
Apr 19 – Somewhere Between Here and Heaven. Bruce Baillie
Apr 21 – New Voices of African Cinema. Akosua Adoma Owusu
Apr 24 – The Thoughts That Once We Had
Apr 28 – Exquisite, Recent and Essential

January 14, 2016 – April 28, 2016
Opening hours
18:30 – 20:30
18:30 – 20:30