Big Bang Bar

By Ryan Osborne



Published on November 1, 2019

What came before the Big Bang? God only knows. What’s for sure is that it’s long been a mecca for local musicians and traveling tunesmiths looking to share music on an intimate stage.

Hidden away down a backstreet in Raval, the Big Bang Bar is an atmospheric gem of a venue. With four open mic/jam nights dedicated to select genres – from jazz and swing to rock, folk and soul – as well as concerts from some of the city’s talented performers, there’s no wonder the place is regularly packed out. A cozy stage and a crystal clear sound system create the ambience, while the long narrow bar and giant screen projection of the stage add depth to the room and audience.

And what an audience. Quick to show warmth to nervous newbies and raise the roof for special talent, Big Bang Bar’s crowd make this a truly unique place.

Opening hours
– closed –
– closed –
20:45 – 02:30
20:15 – 02:30
20:45 – 03:00
20:45 – 03:00
20:15 – 02:30