Blend and Bottled

By Ben Holbrook

blend and bottled 2018


Published on February 1, 2018

I’m sure we’d all agree that one of the great joys of living in Barcelona is having access such a vast range of quality wine. But where does one go to discover new varieties? Rather than ransacking your local bodega and drinking yourself into a stupor – such is my approach – why not join a crowd of like-minded wine lovers for a tasting session or wine course?

Blend and Bottled is a beautiful space dedicated to the joy of oenology. Here, the ever-glamorous and passionate wine connoisseur Claartje van den Bogaard runs a range of five-week courses from beginner to advanced: Viva Vino, Viva España, Oh-La France. Claartje’s Taste of Spain tasting sessions and afterwork WKND Uncorked events (such as on Friday, May 11th from 6pm) also present the perfect opportunity to try and learn about new wines – nibbles included!

Oh, and you can also buy your favorites by the bottle to take home with you.

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