Little Andaman

By Charlotte Stace


Published on September 1, 2021

If you love Indian food, you’re in for a treat! Little Andaman is a new Indian bar and restaurant on Carrer Muntaner in Barcelona's Eixample. It is a pioneering proposal for lovers of Indian food and modern palates.

Named after an island off India’s mainland, Little Andaman offers its guests a light and healthy Indian approach to cooking. Far from the typical Indian cuisine that you can typically find here in Barcelona, their menu features seafood and Indian style tapas with an interesting selection of contrasting fresh flavors.

Not as focused on spices as one might imagine, this restaurant is truly unique in every way. As well as more traditional Indian dishes such as a selection of curries, naans and rice, they offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options. Accompany this with one of their exotic cocktails, local wines or beers for a truly delectable experience!

Opening hours
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13:00 – 23:00
13:00 – 23:00
13:00 – 23:00
13:00 – 23:30
13:00 – 23:30
13:00 – 16:00