By Sam Walker-Smart

oxytocina tattoo studio

Catrina © Bonny


Published on February 1, 2017

There’s getting a quick bit of ink done, and then there’s getting a real piece of art etched on your skin. If you’re after the latter, we recommend a visit to Oxytocina tattoo studio. Owned by Michelle and her husband Matt, the studio boasts a host of international talent, including life-long friend and now co-owner Bonnie of Bonnie & Clyde Tattoo Studio in Cremona, Italy.

Michelle and Matt have spent many years in the tattooing world, spending time in both Italy and the US. Matt himself previously worked for acclaimed studios Off the Map, who’ve partnered with scene icon Jeff Gogue. While the studio is happy to accept walk-ins, they’re more interested in sitting down and planning a piece that will impress for years to come.

As Michelle notes herself, attitudes are changing: “Some people are really interested, they’re listening and ready to enter the world.”

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