By Claire Gledhill

vegetart cake

© Aleksandra Dynas


Published on April 1, 2016

Tortilla de patata without eggs – is that possible? Zaraida, the chef behind VegetArt, has made it happen. Using chickpea flour and cooking it slowly for an hour, she has achieved what would seem an impossible creation. The world’s first Catalan vegan takeaway, Vegetart offers dishes made from fresh vegetables every day. No GM ingredients make it into the food, which includes dishes such as canelones, “meat” balls, daily soups and various takes on hummus. Protein is sourced from peas, sesame and soy, which are tastier than the standard vegan choice of tofu.

With Zaraida’s pastry chef background, it’s no surprise that cakes such as apple, lemon & cinnamon, pear with almonds or gluten-free cookies are also popular. No doubt the sugar-free cookies in the pipeline will prove another hit, too. VegetArt hosts workshops for those interested in learning more about vegan cooking. Be sure to keep an eye out for her book on vegan Catalan cuisine, coming soon.

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