Babyfather + Lawrence English

By Rich Jones



Published on August 1, 2017

Three years after his first DNIT showcase, Dean Blunt returns to CaixaForum with DJ Escrow and Gassman D to showcase their Babyfather project as part of the Nits d’Estiu series of events. Characterized by heavily manipulated samples, pitch-shifted vocal stabs and glazed with bars from guest MCs, Babyfather’s sound reflects on Britain’s current sociopolitical landscape through lyrical expression and recorded fragments of conversation. Check out the BBF Hosted LP by DJ Escrow on Hyperdub and the Cypher mixtape if you’re not already familiar.

Joining Babyfather is artist, curator, composer and avid field recorder Lawrence English, whose ambient installations blanket the audience in an unpredictable soundscape. His latest work, Cruel Optimism (released by Room40 this year), is considered one of the best atmospheric works of recent years and one that he describes as a “protest against the immediate threat of abhorrent possible futures.”

August 9, 2017
Opening hours
22:00 – 00:00