Marcel Duchamp: The art of the possible

By Charlotte Stace



Published on September 1, 2022

CaixaForum holds a special showing of the documentary, Marcel Duchamp: The Art of the Possible, on September 6th.

Directed by Mattew Taylor and released in 2020, the documentary unpacks the paradigm shift in art in the 20th century through the radical and enigmatic works of Marcel Duchamp, which challenged the status quo and unlocked limitless potential for generations to come. It offers an exploration of the life, philosophy, and impact of one of the most influential modernists of the early 20th century. But it's not just a biopic, it shows how Duchamp changed public consciousness and our understanding of aesthetics, art and culture.

This film highlights the unique impact of Duchamp's philosophy and examines how his groundbreaking ideas have shaped the 21st century and culture today. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance before they sell out - we’ll see you there!

September 16, 2022
Opening hours
19:00 – 20:30