By Charlotte Stace



Published on March 1, 2022

Masego will perform live on March 5th at Razzmatazz as part of his "Studying Abroad Tour"!

For Masego (real name Micah Davis), leaving a legacy is the key to his game. He is a self-taught singer, songwriter, rapper, DJ and multi-instrumentalist who wants his career to create experiences people remember and music that makes them feel good. "I know I'm great at gathering the energy in the room and making a great song," he has confessed. "The art of making a song, that's the legacy I'm looking for." As part of his self-styled "traphouse jazz" genre, Masego brings playfulness, humour and a lean sensibility to his creations, while adding instruments, like his trusty saxophone, to places where they don't belong.

From the energetic EP Pink Polo (2016) to his silky-smooth debut album Lady Lady (2018), the Jamaican-born, Virginia-raised artist has earned international acclaim for creating soundscapes that deviate from the expected.

March 5, 2022
Opening hours
19:30 – 23:59