Silence of Summer


© Paula Amenta


Published on August 1, 2019

On Sunday, August 18th, coworking space Depot Lab open Silence of Summer, collective photography exhibition with 30 works capturing 15 artists’ personal and intimate visions of summer. There’ll be live music as well as beer and tapas. The event is sponsored by Saal who are offering a discount on photo prints.

Participating artists:

María Coma (Instagram)
Rob Aparicio: (Instagram)
Ana Becerra: (Instagram)
Paula Amenta (Instagram)
Alba Petrichor (Instagram)
Pablo Escudero (Instagram)
Jordi Estrada (Instagram)
Marta Mas (Instagram)
Bea (Instagram)
Abel Bueno (Instagram)
Nuria Estremera (Instagram)
Naida Castel (Instagram)
Monica Figueras (Instagram)
Angela Ibáñez (Instagram)
Cris (Instagram)

August 18, 2019
Opening hours
18:00 – 22:00