Telephones B2B DJ Fett Burger, Daniel 2000, Omega III

By Kit Macdonald



Published on March 1, 2024

The Norwegian pair Telephones (aka Henning Severud) and DJ Fett Burger (aka Peter Mitterer) first collaborated more than 10 years ago on their Rytmenarkotisk / Tutti Frutti Del Mar EP and have played together on occasion since, but a B2B set from them is still a relatively rare occurrence. Severud's records and DJ sets have always been anchored (but certainly not stuck) in the sort of luxurious, Balearic-inspired disco-house also favoured by the likes of Lindstrom, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje. 

Fett Burger, who runs the Sex Tags label and its offshoots, is harder to categorise: he's simply one of the world's most idiosyncratic and unpredictable DJs, and also one of the best. Joining Telephones and Fett Burger for an all-vinyl night at La Paloma are local talents Daniel 2000, who'll be bringing his "youthful take on ghetto house" and host Omega III, who is best known for his excellent mixtapes for Klasse Wrecks.

March 22, 2024
Opening hours
22:00 – 04:00