The Magritte Machine

By Charlotte Stace



Published on March 1, 2022

CaixaForum invites you to their latest exhibition, The Magritte Machine.

The Magritte Machine is a monographic exhibition dedicated to the work of René Magritte, arguably the most famous Belgian artist of the 20th century. The exhibition brings together around 65 paintings from museums and collections from various countries, along with a selection of photographs and home movies taken and filmed by the artist. 

In 1950, in collaboration with some friends, Magritte wrote the prospectus La Manufacture de Poésie, a catalogue of imaginary products among which the "Universal Machine for Making Pictures" stands out. Such a machine would make it possible to practically compose an unlimited number of thinking pictures. The exhibition is based on the hypothesis that this Magritte Machine exists and is made up of several interconnected devices corresponding to recurring concepts in the artist's work, such as mimicry and megalomania.

February 25, 2022 – June 6, 2022
Opening hours
10:00 – 20:00
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